Jewelry Care

Do not shower, sleep, expose your creations to harsh chemicals such as those found in hot tubs or swimming pools, or exercise while wearing your Adams Handcrafted Jewelry. Do not wear your jewelry while applying hairspray, lotions or other skincare products. Do not clean your creations with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or abrasive fabrics or cleansers. Avoid intense and/or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Some stones are sensitive to the sun and colors may become muted if exposed for a great length of time.

For Gold Filled, Sterling, Fine Silver, Copper rub a dime-sized drop of Dawn dish-washing detergent (or similar) across the surface, rinse beneath lukewarm water, then pat gently with a clean, dry and soft cloth.

Allow to dry completely before storage (preferably in a zip-lock or air-tight container).

A Note on Natural Metals & Oxidization: Most Adams Handcrafted Jewelry copper and brass creations are constructed from raw materials (unless otherwise specified). Copper and Silver will age or patina with wear / use and are initially treated to slow down this natural oxidizing process with an acrylic based sealer (Everbrite – Protectaclear). The amount of time that this sealer will control patina may vary from a few months to several years depending on the environment and handling.

If you prefer to have your jewelry cleaned and resealed, Adams Handcrafted Jewelry does offer this service free of charge. Shipping both ways is the responsibility of the buyer. Contact us for details.

Adams Handcrafted Jewelry does not make any claims or warranty as to the durability of the finish on any piece of Jewelry sold. Estimates are based on past customer experience and are only used for reference.


Is your jewelry safe for children?

We recommend that a child under eighteen not be given our jewelry to wear, unless we have specified that an individual product is safe for children on the product’s website page. Most of our pieces contain very small pieces that could be a danger to a child if swallowed or used in inappropriate ways. Also, while we try not to use unsafe items in our jewelry, some of the beads or wires we use may still contain small amounts of substances not suitable for small children. We will not take responsibility or claim liability for any injury you, or anyone associated with your purchase of our products, incur if you choose to use our products for anything other than for their recommended use as designer jewelry.

Additional facts/disclaimers

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