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Artist Prayer

For those of you out there who have a religious background and are Christians and in celebration of our Lord and Savior and remembrance of his sacrifice on this Easter Weekend, I wanted to share the little prayer I came up with many years ago when I started drawing portraits. I have this posted on the wall in my studio and I look at this often before I start many of my art projects including my recent jewelry making endeavors.  It helps to give me focus and calms me before I start. At the end of reading it and before I start, I always tell myself,

“Let’s Make Something Beautiful”
So here it is…
The Artist Prayer
“My Lord God, guide my hands this day and allow me to see what I must
in order to create this work of beauty in your honor.
For my talent, patience, perseverance, experience and hope
comes from the Holy Spirit within me
and through your Glory shall it manifest itself
in my mind and through my hands.”
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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