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An Ode to Wire Wrapping

So I was thinking poetically recently about what it means to be a wire wrapper and how I get lost in the wonder of the stones, beads and wire. How we as people can create such beautiful and awe inspiring jewelry from what nature and the almighty has provided, which can take us away to far away lands, times or places of fantasy and mirth. So, I came up with a little poetry to express my thoughts.

An Ode to Wire Wrapping
Wire is my only true passion.
Wearing beads and metal with exuberant pride,
it certainly makes me incredibly happy inside,
letting stones and gems become my fashion.
Creations from my heart to my hand,
come forth dreams of green Malachite,
and hidden treasures in my mind of, oh, so sultry Labradorite,
wrap and link, mysterious wire demands.
That handcrafted jewelry unfolds,
those strange weavings through strife,
to adorn that beautiful neck and lobes,
and with great effort comes to life.
For those who so much do agree,
that wire wrapped jewelry holds true,
our wonder of things unknown but new,
like the pattern of a leaf on a newly budded tree.
So with much shouting and wailing,
I do boldly profess my love,
for those shiny sparkly things we find most of,
wire wrapped jewelry with it’s ever clever unveiling.
All righty then, that’s food for thought, Hey!..that reminds me, it’s dinner time and I’m starting to get hungry.Onward to the kitchen and sandwich. AWAY!!!!
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