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New Store and Website Design

Take a look at our new Store and Website design, we have recently integrated the two sites for a more seamless experience. Now will take you to our blog and from there you can click on the SHOP button at the top of any page or the menu link on the right side of any page on our website to get to our store. You can also get to our store directly by going to , please remember to bookmark the page for easier access.  We will be offering exciting new features to our website including a Gallery, Tutorials, Videos, Articles and of course our on-going blog for the latest projects and happenings at Adams Handcrafted Jewelry.

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Write Up on Jewelry Making Journal .com

Hi all,
So my wife has been canvassing the Internet looking at jewelry websites for design inspiration and happened to run across and was moved to contact the site owner about my jewelry making efforts. The site owner, Rena Klingenberg was most gracious in her assessment of my jewelry and offered to post a short article on how I got started along with a few photos of my work. I don’t really think my work is good enough for such a venue, and I said so to my wife before she and Ms.Klingenberg  posted the article that I wrote up. I just don’t feel like I’m on the same level as most other great jewelry artists out there, but I had to defer to her rantings about my talent as I shoved a finger in each ear while shaking my head.

That being said, I want to thank all of those who commented about my jewelry on this website,  and as always, I welcome constructive criticism which only helps me to get better.

I, also, want to thank my wife (Michelle Adams) for her tireless efforts in promoting my work, answering emails, responding to Facebook posts and posting on my behalf on other sites like Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter, tracking down cabochons, shipping/tracking sold items and every other small thing she does on a daily basis. I wouldn’t have come so far, so fast without her.

As time goes on, I hope to get better and perhaps turn this into a full time job once I retire from my day job, but for now I will continue to make jewelry as time permits….and of course I won’t quit my day job just yet, as I really don’t want to be a starving artist at this early stage of the game.

For those interested in a quick read, here is the link to the article.

Self-Taught Jewelry Artist Inspired by Deviant Art

If you have some time, check out all this website has to offer, as there are a lot of great articles along with a ton of jewelry making information.

Until next time, Happy weaving!

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